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“Don’t be a Twatwaffle” is now available!

Businesses struggle with marketing. We have a set idea of how we expect it to work, and we get frustrated when it doesn’t.

Your marketing does not have to be a frustrating process, and it doesn’t have to leave you feeling annoyed with the world and with yourself.

Don’t be a Twatwaffle explores 15 problems and blocks we have encountered through our experience in working with businesses. This book takes over 10 years of experience and learning and condenses it into an easy to understand guide. The point is to help you understand how marketing should work for you, so that you can get that engine churning faster!

Tamsin Haley has over 10 years of experience in the marketing field. She started in franchise education marketing, and her business Social Happiness has been running since 2018.

She recons she is the original twatwaffle as she started her business on a whim and has worked out the business plan from there – realising that if she had started from the business plan first, the business would have grown faster than it has!

Tamsin’s goal is to empower as many people in business as possible through making marketing work faster in businesses – in turn positively impacting the communities each business supports.

Don’t be a twatwaffle

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