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Strategic Marketing Offering

Lockdown as been hard on a many South African businesses, especially the small to medium enterprises!

However, this “down time” is a great space to think about your business, what you offer and how you educate potential clients.

We have started rolling out our strategic marketing coaching, but until the end of May 2020, we are offering this offering slightly differently, to help as many businesses as possible.

We’re offering 90% off our strategic marketing coaching!

How will this work?

What is involved in the Strategic Marketing Coaching materials?

  • Working out your 8 Ps of marketing
  • A SWOT analysis of your business
  • Goals setting for your marketing efforts
  • A PESTLE analysis (taking external forces into account for your business)
  • Your communication plan

Contact us to help clarify your marketing message for our new normal!

We believe that small and medium enterprises will be the difference in our economy – NOW MORE THAN EVER! Help us help as many small businesses as we can by spreading the news of this offering.