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Marketing Strategy

The first and most basic rule of marketing is filling a need for your target market. Once we are able to help you define this we can work on your marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy is incredibly important for all businesses. The starting point is defining who you are as a business, what your unique selling point is and how to translate it to the market.

Set up a meeting

What helps with a well-defined strategy is that you can see where your product offering fits into and how you can move forward with it. The best part about a well–defined marketing strategy is that it defines future goals and how they can be achieved.

Your brand is incredible important. How you talk to audiences and why you share the information that you do. We can help with this.







Social Happiness can help you develop this part of your business. We work with small business to help them clarify their vision, to medium sized businesses that are looking to franchise for example.

We step in to help guide you, conceptualise your ideas and move your business forward. This includes evolving your brand so that your consumer market can connect with you.

We partner with specifically selected businesses who we know will bring you results. These specialities include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relation Specialists
  • Photographers
  • Printing Specialists
  • Signage Installers
  • Videographers
  • Web Design

Develop your strategy