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What role does Marketing play in your business?

Do you know what your customers want? Do you think your customers hold you in high repute? Are they happy with your product or service? 

The answer to all these questions lies in marketing. 

Marketing is essential to the success of any business. Marketing is a tool used to create and maintain demand, reputation, brand awareness, competition and more. It involves researching, packaging and presenting products and services to customers. Without proper marketing, your business is unlikely to drive sales or make a profit.

Marketing is how you engage with your audience. Engaging with your customers is a means to keep the conversation about your business going. Tell your customers something they didn’t know about your product or service, why they need it and why it solves their problems.  

How you market your business also defines your brand and what you stand for. This, in turn, defines the experience your customers have when they interact with your business. Marketing also impacts your reputation and builds relationships with your customers. Companies who have poor reputation tend to fail, as customers associate their businesses with poor quality and shy away. Marketing uses communication, branding and PR strategies among others to maintain a business’ reputation and customer relations. 

Marketing also helps to boost sales, as it uses various ways to promote your products and services. After all, you can’t sell a product nobody is aware of. Once a product is advertised and marketed to your customers and if your customers are happy with your product, they then become your brand ambassadors. Happy customers spread the word on your product, which means more sales. Furthermore, marketing also creates demand. Increased demand for your product will have various positive effects on your business as sales skyrocket and your business grows to satisfy that demand. 

Your marketing is one of the most important parts of your business, as it has the largest and longest-lasting impact. Marketing is the reason Google has gone from a denoting a search engine to being a verb that describes searching for information online, or why “Coke” now describes any type of cola drink instead of just Coca-Cola.