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Happiness is… more leads in your business

Let’s build your ecosystem together to cultivate more potential clients for your business

We believe that businesses are the changing force of the economy, and a way to impact communities globally.

Our aim is to provide happiness in the business space by cultivating digital marketing ecosystems that help our clients build their businesses. Your business could be our next success!

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Our Story

Once upon a time, not too long ago, it was the year 2018 and Social Happiness first opened its doors.
The goal? Simple.
Create Happiness for its clients through strategic digital marketing and storytelling.

People have been telling stories even before Homer told tales of epic voyages and incredible feats. His tales sparked people’s interest for millennia. We might not be the father of epic poetry, but we can tell your story through digital marketing to make sure your voice is heard and your brand is remembered. 

Let’s write your story
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Our Services

We work alongside our clients to build marketing strategies that are focused on working towards their goals.
We approach strategies and relationships with clients with 3 different goals. digital marketing and storytelling.

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Social Media

We want your business to represent on social media channels where your ideal target market is already spending time. This is a basic building block for your marketing efforts. We cover organic content in newsfeeds, paid advertising, and for on-fire results we bring in public relations and influencers – social media’s best friends!

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Google Search

3% of your ideal target market is looking for you at any point in time! Step 1 to making sure you get their attention is to have a website that works for you. From there, we drive traffic to your website using Google Ads and its diverse bouquet of products. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the best digital marketing strategies you can employ for a Future Fit business, and we can help you roll this out.

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Bring more people
into your ecosystem

Content marketing is still Queen when it comes to building relationships. We help your business attract more clients and improve your SEO ranking with keyworded blogposts (a great friend for a social media campaign as well), and build nurture/sales funnels to bring you new business.

Let's start building your ecosystem