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Social Happiness was founded in 2018.

Tamsin Kolbe became aware of a large number of small to medium businesses who needed help with their digital marketing efforts.


Creating happiness for clients through strategic social media management.


Social Happiness aims to create social media strategies that are unique to each business. This savvy social strategy is centred on a business’s unique selling points and creating a clear line of communication to their target markets in a digital space where they are already creating communities.


  • Communication: Clear and open communication with clients and their target markets, on all of the platforms relevant to each business.
  • Confidence: Creating a digital marketing environment in which clients can feel confident about their business and how it is being portrayed to the public.
  • Creativity: Strategic solutions to different social media situations will be created through creative thought processes.
  • Diligence: All actions are taken on in diligent and timely manner by both Social Happiness and its clients to help increase the effects of each marketing activity.
  • Education: Continuously educating Social Happiness and keeping up to date with industry trends, while educating clients about the marketing process and their roles in it.
  • Honesty: Communicating honestly with clients about what will work for their unique business and the limits of different options they would like to pursue, while clients convey the honest current situation of their business so the best decisions can be made at all times.
  • Teamwork: Social Happiness and each client is a team working on their business. Working together increases the effect that can be made on the business’s bottom line.